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D2400W 5 Camera

The D2400W five-lens camera is characterized by lightness, precision, intelligence and ease of use. It is a national patented product (patent number: 201921255998.3).D2400W is based on the ecological development of DJI UNMANNED aerial vehicle SDK and coordinated with DJI SKYPORT interface. It can be carried on DJI M300RTK, M210RTK and M200 industrial unmanned aerial vehicle, which is widely used in land planning, urban and rural construction, emergency rescue, urban comprehensive law enforcement, public security and frontier defense and other fields.


  1. The body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, and the whole machine weighs 680g.
  2. Timesync technology is adopted to eliminate 100% ground control points.
  3. Original national patented precise measurement technology, the precision of the data results can reach 1 cm.
  4. Completely solve the problem of missing and missing pictures of tilt camera, with reliable and complete data.
  5. Fully automatic collection and sorting of original photos, light data processing.
  6. Fully compatible with BentleyCC, DJI map and other mainstream data processing software.



  1. Optical parameters

    overall parameters

    Single lens pixel


    total pixels


    Like yuan size


    lens number


    Sensor size


    Camera Weight




    camera Size 


    Photographic resolution


    storage space


    shutter speed


    Communication interface


    Shutter release mode

    Flight control signal triggered

    Data interface


    shutter type

    Mechanical shutter

    Working temperature


    Steady beat interval


    Product material

    Whole body aluminium alloy

    lens focal length


    Fit plane

    DJI M300RTK、M210RTK、M200

    Characteristic parameters

    Time synchronization algorithm

    Time Sync

    Mapping accuracy

    Meet the national 1:500 accuracy standard

    Anti - chip algorithm

    Instant Shot

    Earth station software

    DJI Pilot

    Camera repair algorithm

    Regular Repair

    Firmware upgrade mode

    Online upgrade

    Photo collection algorithm

    Auto Folder

    DJIWisdom figure

    Perfect support for direct processing of data, support CC

    Ground free phase control point


    International certification


  2. Application scenarios

    Territorial and urban planning

    D2400W can provide professional and efficient overall solutions for major land planning business scenarios, such as 1:500 large-scale mapping of real estate integration, 3d model production of high-precision tilt photography, urban renewal and reconstruction, illegal urban and rural inquiry, and beautiful rural construction.

    Public Security emergency fire control

    D2400W can provide high-precision orthographic image, digital elevation model, three-dimensional real scene model and other data results, and meet the various needs of electronic sand table of public security, hidden terrain reconnaissance, emergency real-time command and three-dimensional space analysis of fire fighting areas.

    3D Digital City

    Centering on the requirements of "new infrastructure" of 3d digital city and smart city, D2400W can provide city-level digital image map, perfectly display urban 3D space, and provide data foundation for intelligent analysis and application.


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