Hawkeye Little Pilot 2.5 inch/3.5 inch MONITOR SCREEN RECEIVER & TRANSMITTER

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5.8G FPV display 2.5 inch/3.5 inch:

  • Size & Brightness: 2.5 inches, 350lux or 3.5 inches, 350lux
  • Resolution: 960*240
  • Snow screen: YES
  • Battery: 1.5-2 hours (2.5inch), 2.5 hours (3.5inch)
  • Number of receivers: 1
  • Color: black
  • HDMI input: None
  • Video input/output: 3.5mm interface, can be directly inserted into DJI video glasses
  • Antenna interface: RP-SMA (inner hole) LHCP
  • Frequency: 5.8GHZ
  • Number of channels: 48 CH
  • Video format: PAL/NTSC/Auto
  • Voltage: Micro USB, 5V
  • Automatic channel search: YES
  • Size: 9×7.2×1.7CM(2.5inch), 6.6×5.7×1.4CM(3.5inch)
  • Net weight: 55g-2.5inch, 110g-3.5inch
  • Accessories: monitor, stick antenna, 3.5mm video cable, manual


Hawkeye-Little-Pilot-2-5-inch-3-5-inch-FPV-Monitor-5-8GHZ-48CH-960-240 (1)Hawkeye-Little-Pilot-2-5-inch-3-5-inch-FPV-Monitor-5-8GHZ-48CH-960-240 (2)Hawkeye-Little-Pilot-2-5-inch-3-5-inch-FPV-Monitor-5-8GHZ-48CH-960-240 (3)Hawkeye-Little-Pilot-2-5-inch-3-5-inch-FPV-Monitor-5-8GHZ-48CH-960-240 (4)Hawkeye-Little-Pilot-2-5-inch-3-5-inch-FPV-Monitor-5-8GHZ-48CH-960-240Hawkeye-Little-Pilot-2-5-inch-3-5-inch-FPV-Monitor-5-8GHZ-48CH-960-240 (5)