Makeflyeasy Fighter binary 2430mm UAV Fixed Wing

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Makeflyeasy Fighter 2430mm Wingspan EPO uav aerial mapping  


This item is the KIT Version and does not include any electronic devices, the description Images are for reference only. 

This is the Hand Launch Version that can be built as a twin motor with motors on each wing or as a single motor in the nose. 

User manual


KIT Version Package Included: 

1x Fighter 2430mm Wingspan EPO Portable Aerial Survey Aircraft RC Airplane KIT


Setup suggestions :(Not included)

2x 3520 Motor

2x 60A ESC

5x Emax ES3054 Servos

1x  Emax ES08MDII servo for Parachute cabin

2x 13-15x8 - 13-15x10 Propeller


The fighter is a 10kg fixed-wing flight platform, which is easy to carry, friendly to operate, stable and durable.uas aerial solutions 

The fighter is positioned as a heavy-duty, long-endurance fixed wing, which greatly reduces the difficulty of aerial survey and further liberates productivity which improves the efficiency of aerial survey.uav aerial surveying

The modular design concept makes the aircraft easy and fast to assemble. The wings and tail fins can be easily dismantled, making the aircraft practical and portable and user-friendly.

The open flight control cabin is compatible with Pixhawk flight control and supports mounting of Sony A7R2 full-frame camera /1.5kg lightweight lidar. The maximum support is 12s@22000mah lithium polymer battery, which can achieve ultra-long range and high-quality shooting effect.


Item Name: Fighter

Material: EPO, EVA, carbon fibre, engineering plastic, etc.

Wingspan: 2430mm

Fuselage Length: 1450mm

Fuselage Height: 180mm

Wing Load: 72.5dm⊃2;

Maximum payload:1.5kg

Longest flight range:>250km

Max. Take-off Weight: 11.5kg

Recommended Flying Speed: 20m/s

Stalling Speed: 10m/s



EPO material both lightweight and durable.

Hatch cabin inching design making it convenient and reliable.

Bigger and more reasonable fuselage capacity.

ESC hatch cover can be removed making it easy to replace the ESC.

Aileron servo can be removed, no need to modify the servo cable.

Bottom buffer layer design to reduce landing impact and protect fuselage and camera.

Ergonomic design of rear fuselage to make lifting easier and throwing more stable.

Support tilt photography, meet the 1:1000 and 1:1200 aerial survey.

Support hand throwing and parachute landing fall. 


Installation Attention:

- In the welding of high current connector, we must pay attention to the welding line sequence to correspond to each other, so as not to burn ESC and servo.

- Recommend to use the Emax ES3154 digital servo, or other servos with the same size and servo horn, easy to install the servo and the installation of the vertical stabilizer quick release device.


Flying Attention:

- Please avoid flying and swerving at 10m/s, so as to avoid stalling.

- Before the flight please be sure to check the motor and the propeller are installed correctly and secure, the ESC signal line and the power cord plug connection are reliable

Makeflyeasy Fighter binary 2430mm UAV Fixed WingMakeflyeasy Fighter binary 2430mm UAV Fixed WingMakeflyeasy Fighter binary 2430mm UAV Fixed WingMakeflyeasy Fighter binary 2430mm UAV Fixed WingMakeflyeasy Fighter binary 2430mm UAV Fixed WingMakeflyeasy Fighter binary 2430mm UAV Fixed WingMakeflyeasy Fighter binary 2430mm UAV Fixed Wing