Skyeye 50cc Teaching plane 2580mm UAV Fixed Wing

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Skyeye 50cc Teaching plane 2580mm UAV Fixed Wing trainer pilotless military aircraft

  • Wingspan: 2,580 mm
  • Body length: 2,010 mm
  • Wing area: 116 decimeters square
  • Power: 50-60cc gasoline engine or GA6000 brushless motor
  • Cruising speed;80-120 km/h
  • Maximum take-off weight: 15 kg
  • Payload: 6 kg
  • 127*49*34CM  W:10.55KG
  1. Two sections of fuselage can be detachable, horizontal tail can be detachable, with umbrella compartment,largest drone payload,military fixed wing aircraft
  2. In addition to the first three points of the landing gear, there are three points of the back and the slip can be chosen


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