Skyeye Wingspan 5M UAV VTOL

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Skyeye Wingspan 5M is a high-performance 12kg uav vtol. The fuselage is made of high-strength composite materials, which are corrosion-resistant and stable in flight. The overall fuselage adopts fluid design to reduce flight resistance and improve stability.drones and unmanned aerial vehicles fixed wing hybrid vtol


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Main material Skyeye
wingspan 5000mm
The length of the 3500mm
The fuselage size 1000*340*350mm
Wing surface D 261.5 ㎡
Cruising speed 120km/h
Stall speed 55km/h
The highest speed 150km/h
Empty weight 26.5 kg
Maximum take-off weight 90kg
Maximum payload 6kg
Flying up Altitude: 4km
Time of flight 8 hours (27L full oil)
Wind resistance 7level
Accessories package Original spare parts bag
Carton size 1000mm x 340mm x 350mm


  • Main material: carbon fiber
  • Wingspan: 5000mm
  • Length: 3500mm
  • Maximum Width of Fuselage: 375mm
  • Wing Area: 261.5 dm2
  • Empty Weight: 34kg
  • Maximum Take-off Weight: 100kg
  • Maximum Speed: 38m/s
  • Cruise Speed: 35m/s
  • Stalling Speed: 24m/s
  • Maximum Payload: 20kg
  • Volume of Fuel Tank: 28Liters
  • Maximum Flying Time:  4 to 8 Hours
  • Equipment cabin size: 1000mm x 340mm x 350mm

Recommended Setup (Additionally Charged):

  • * DLA 232cc Engine w/ EFI, Starter & Alternator
    * Customized T-motor 65kv VTOL Motors x 4
    * Customized T-motor 24S 200A ESC x 4
    * Pilot PY-48AH Servo x 2
    * Pilot PW-27AH Servo x 4
    * Tower Pro MG958 Servo x 2
    * 32″x14″ Forward Propeller x 1
    * T-motor 40″ Carbon Fiber VTOL Propeller x 2 Pairs
    * 6s 8000mAh Lipo x 17