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3% discount code: UAVMODEL
3% discount code: UAVMODEL
3% discount code: UAVMODEL

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In flight, if your plane crashes, don't worry;

Aircraft purchased on this website enjoy replacement protection;

Please keep your purchase receipt, the plane has crashed, tell us the sale, we will provide replacement service for you;

For 40% to 60% percent of the price, you get a brand new plane.

This activity is for users who purchase from this website;


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UAVMODEL is specialized in developing and manufacturing the airframes of unmaned aircrafts, especially the VTOL UAVs. We offer various UAV platforms to meet your special requirements.

With several years’ development, UAVMODEL has been one of the most famous UAV suppliers to offer the UAV platforms for industries use. The aircrafts we are making are capable of carrying a wide variety of payload configurations and offers extended flight times.

They are exceptionally large aircraft designed for professional use and can be equipped with a full system of advanced control electronics to run in sync with the most advanced ground stations. These planes can get most anywhere, and preform most any job related task you may require. OEM/ODM orders are welcome. We can make the airframes, VTOL or standard fixed wings as per your special requirements.


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