CNC DLA64 64CC Twin Gas Engine with

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Exhaust amount: 64cc Output: 7.2HP Cylinder Bore/ Stroke: 37MM/30MM speed range: 1600-6900 RPM Pulling force: 16KG/1000 Meter altitude Cylinder arrangement: twin boxer Fuel: Gasoline + 2T synthetic oil Lubrication Ratio: 25:1~30: 1(trial run) 40: 1~50:1(normal flying) 92# 93# gasoline 2T synthetic oil Compression Ratio: 8:1 Propeller Recommended: 22*10,23*10 24*8 23*8 Spark Plug: DLA CM6,Iridium Voltage: 6.6v-8.4v, 2 LiPo batteries recommended. Weight: Main engine: 1700g Exhaust pipe: 69g*2 Ignition: 180g standoffs: 22*4g Customization: According to Customer’s need and specifications


This engine is mainly used for fixed-wing with take-off weights (including Gasoline) not more than 25 KGS. Its crankcase, crankshaft, central screws are all made of domestic high-performance materials by CNC processing method. With beautiful appearance, high-precision, drop resistance, fatigue resistance, good stability, strong power performance.

Package include:

1*main engine 1*CDI 2*Spark plug 2*Exhaust pipe 4*standoffs 1*Test report 1*Manual