MAD 3508 KV360 KV580 KV700 IPE Brushless Motor For RC UAV Drone Quadcopter Hexcopter Octcopter w/ EZO bearing

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MAD 3508 IPE brushless motor for commercial and industrial drone. Industry profession edition is designed to achieve waterproof and dust proof IP35 degree of protection. Design compatibility of mounting holes for propeller and setup installation. High performance and low power consumption at high voltage applications. Make the air flow faster, heat dissipation faster, using a unique motor core design, more stable rotation, high efficiency, and provide you with better safety guarantee.

* Designed for rigorous condition

* Over-sized durable bearings for increased life, durability

* Water and dust resistant. IP35 degree of protection

* Motor mounting holes standarization

* Water and dust resistant

* IP35 degree of protection

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