MAD 4006 KV320 KV380 KV740 EEE Motor For RC Quadcopter Spare Part FPV Racing w/ EZO bearing Brushless

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MAD 4006 EEE drone spare parts dc drones with motor brushless for extended time.MAD 4006 is positioned for single shaft load 500-1000g, used with 16-16 inch carbon propeller, single shaft maximum pulling force up to 2200g, single motor weight 70g.The motor has low energy consumption and high efficiency, and uses extremely durable high-quality imported bearings, which makes the rotation more stable and provides better safety guarantee.

* Open body design for better passive heat dissipation.

* Propeller installation compatibility.

* Reduced motor weight.

* Motor mounting holes standarization

* Passive heat dissapation

* Lower power consumption & Maximized performance