MAD 4014 EEE KV370 KV400 Brushless Quadcopter Motor For Endurance Flight UAV Drone Quadcopter Hexcopter Octcopter

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MAD 40 Series motors are the classical UAV motors for small to medium industrial use, efficient and for endurance flight. This sizes of motors have been releasing in the market for 10years, MAD Components optimized them to be very lightweight design. MAD 4014 EEE is designed to carry payloads of 800–1600g per rotor, with 15-17 “carbon propeller. Support 6S. Max thrust of single rotor is up to 3100g, unit motor weighs 154g.

EEE reduction version design, minimized weight, optimized efficiency and flight time extended.

ENTHUSIASTS EXTREME EDITION for extreme weight reduction while maintaining the highest possible performance.

* Open body design for better passive heat dissipation.

* Propeller installation compatibility.

* Reduced motor weight.

* Motor mounting holes standarization.

Motor Test Benchmarks