MAD 5X 5008 Ready to Use Tuned Power System Drone Arm Set for 25mm Tube Industrial Applications Agricultural POWER PLAN MOTOR ESC PROPELLEER

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MAD 5X 5008 Ready to Use Tuned Drone Power System Drone Arm Set for 22mm Tube Industrial Applications Agricultural Drones

Ready to use drone arm set for maximum drone performance, built for industrial multirotor applications, providing 1.1-1.3kg payload per rotor, max thrust per rotor 4kg. Combo only weighs 288g.
* Tunned integrated motor+esc+propeller drone propulsion combo arm set
* Compatible with 22mm carbon arm tubes
* One plug installation, super convenient
* High Efficient, water & dust proof
* We offer CW or CCW, LED lights red/green for choice, motor rotating & LED lights settings will be made during production

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