MAD 8118 IPE KV80 KV100 huge Motor For RC Quadcopter NSK bearing Brushless motor used in Agricultural irrigation, mapping

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8108 motor is the most classical product among UAV motors. MAD 8108 IPE is one of the most efficient motors among them, and the most widely used motors for UAV of high-end aerial photography, exploration, Archaeology, Remote sensing surveying, Mapping etc.Endurance flight time varies from 30-120mins.

MAD 8112, 8116 & 8118 are upgraded versions based on MAD8108 this efficient motor, pulling larger powerful thrust by increasing stator height. And also widely used on many multirotor applications.

*Designed for rigorous conditions

*Over-sized durable bearings for increased life, durability

*Water and dust resistant. IP35 degree of protection

*Motor mounting holes standarization

Motor Test Benchmarks