MAD AMPX ESC 200A 5-14S For DIY Large transportation Drones,UAV,DIY Quadcopter,Hexcopter.Octcopter

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*AMPX 200A ESC labeled 200A, but it can work continously @230A under good cooling condition. Peak current = 300A.

*Supporting 4-15S, 60V 200A.

*Quick response. it will take only 0.28seconds from starting motor to full speed running.

*High intelligent and adaptive default settings like auto-adjusting timing meet almost all applications.

*Good compatibility and stability with special control algorithm for disc motors.

*Synchronous freewheeling technology can bring better throttle linearity, driving efficiency and automatic

energy recovery when lowering motor speed.

*Have output interfaces of RPM and error signal.

*With 485 communication interface, it can communicate with the flight controller in real time. (Note: This feature needs to match the flight controller).

*Convenient installation screw holes without considering ESC part front and back sides.

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