MAD M10 IPE KV100 KV120 KV150 KV180 Brushless Motor For RC Quadcopter Drone Spare Part FPV Racing w/ EZO bearing Shipping Free

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M series motors are the flagship motors specially designed for large-scale multi-rotor,electric paraglider,large agricultural VTOL.Used for aerial photography, mapping, electrical paragliding, agricultural spraying,surveying or anything in between where professional industry level propulsion systems are required.This type of motor is made with industrial grade components and undergo intense testing and quality control.Waterproof and dustproof.

MAD M10 Angular Contact Ball Bearing(NSK CTYNSULP4 )Version are special designed for the drones will be working at the 300m high-altitude tethered uav system is capable of over 12h hold-down flight with a high payload of 3-20kg and a maximum lift-off altitude of 300m.
It can work well at altitudes of 5000m, it will be taken in the UAVs for relay communications,environmental monitoring, mobile base warfare, live broadcasting, military special purposes.

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