MAD M17 PRO KV100 Brushless Motor For RC Quadcopter Spare Part FPV Racing w/ NSK bearing

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MAD M17 PRO IPE is designed to carry payloads of 5000–9000g per rotor, with 30-36in carbon propeller. Support 12-14S. Max thrust is up to 22kg, unit motor only weighs 1050g. IP35 protection level and the built-in “fan” design makes faster airflow and heat dissipation

* For High-end heavy lift industrial use

* More efficient than equivalent motors in current market. Based on real benchmark test.

* Precise manufacturing workmanship, perfect winding, absolutely compete with top brands

* 100Kv, high load, max thrust 20kg with 34" prop @12s.Max thrust 28kg with 34in prop @14s.

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