MAD M20 IPE 80KV 100KV motor for UAV for large-scale multi-rotorelectric paraglider,large agricultural VTOL

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M20 motors deliver reliable high-quality performance that will handle all flying tasks.M20 focuses on improving efficiency and thrust for your multi-rotor/UAV.The weight of this motor is only 1031g, and it works perfectly with MAD AMPX 200A ESC and Fluxer 32″-36″ carbon propeller,such propulsion system can achieve max thrust 31 kg.

* Designed for rigorous condition, dustproof and waterproof

* Centrifugal self-cooling design

* Thrust to weight ratio is 28

* Increased heat dissipation area

* Large smooth bearings for noise and vibration reduction

* Optimal stator configuration with arc magnets

* Various installation methods of propeller

  Motor Test Benchmarks