MAD M20 MINI 90KV 100KV 110KV 160KV UAV Parts Most Powerful Big Heavy Lift Drone Motors For Longer Service

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M series motors are the flagship motors specially designed for large-scale multi-rotor, electric paraglider, large agricultural VTOL, UAV. Used for aerial photography, mapping, electrical paragliding, agricultural spraying, surveying or anything in between where professional industry level propulsion systems are required. This type of motor is made with industrial grade components and undergo intense testing and quality control.

Designed to carry payloads of 8-10Kg per rotor, with 34-40in carbon propeller. Max thrust is up to 30kg per rotor, unit motor only weighs 815g. Capable of managing large-load missions, and providing more redundant power for wind resistance and the mobility of your platform, and fully meet various rigorous flying conditions.
* Optimized cooling design
* Thrust to weight ratio is 30
* Large smooth bearings for noise and vibration reduction
* Brand new iron core design, achieves more powerful thrust and higher efficiency.

Motor Test Benchmarks