MAD M40C30 50KV 80KV 62KV 43KV 55KV 70kg DC Brushless Drone Motor 19KW for VTOL drone paramotor

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M series motors are the flagship motors specially designed for large-scale multi-rotor,electric paraglider, large agricultural VTOL.Used for aerial photography, mapping, electrical paragliding, agricultural spraying, surveying or anything in between where professional industry level propulsion systems are required.This type of motor is made with industrial grade components and undergo intense testing and quality control.Waterproof and dustproof.

The M40 is designed to handle cargo transportation, emergency rescue and manned space programs, as well as heavy lift projects and industrial applications.

* IP35 dust&waterproof protection, unique and durable structure for better safety * Unique motor
core design, 36N30P multi-slot multi-poles
* Built in centrifugal air cooling system and efficient heat dissipation array design
* Designed for agricultural plant protection and professional grade application
* The housing is equipped with large positioning bearings to avoid resonance and gyro effect5.

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