MAD M8C08 8108 EEE V3 85KV 100KV 150KV 180KV OEM ODM UAV parts efficient and lightweight brushless dc Motor

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8108 motor is the most classical product among UAV motors. MAD M8 is one of the most efficient motors among them, and the most widely used motors for UAV of high-end aerial photography, exploration, Archaeology, Remote sensing surveying, Mapping etc. Endurance flight time varies from 30-120mins.

M8 EEE V3 is the latest version of MAD 8108 EEE, more efficient and lightweight, great for endurance flight
Designed to carry payloads of 2000–3000g per rotor, with 28-30in carbon propeller. Support 6S-12S. Max thrust
of single rotor is up to 8kg, unit motor weighs 240g.

Optimal long range flight time, best combination to get optimal lightweight power combo and efficiency for extended long flight time.

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