Makeflyeasy Freeman 4+1 2300mm UAV VTOL

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MFE Freeman 2300mm VTOL version Hybrid vtol aircraft electric

Versions Available

  • KIT - no electronics just unassembled Frame kit
  • KIT PNP - Kit but includes the Motors, Servos and Propellers, See image for breakdown.
  • Both versions require assemble and electronics such as flight controller like Cube Orange and Here 3. 

Document  Freeman Installation Notes

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Manufacturers Description 

The Freeman 23000 (wingspan 2.3m) is a tilting type VTOL fixed-wing aerial survey carrier modified on the basis of Believer according to the characteristics of large load of tilt photography.

Freeman 2300 is a tilt photography aircraft, which marker positioning is high cost perform and entry-level. Aim to help more aerial survey users to getting started with tilt photography equipped with a 5-lens camera, exploring the application value of data in a three-dimensional space.

Hybrid electric vtol

Information from the Manufacturer



  • Brand Name: MFE
  • Item Name: Freedman
  • Material: EPO, EVA, carbon fibre, PC, engineering plastics and etc.
  • Wingspan: 2300mm
  • Fuselage Length: 1070mm
  • Max take-off Weight:8kg
  • Suggested Load:1000g
  • Suggested Flight Speed: 17~20m/s
  • Stalling Speed: 10m/s
  • Maximum Payload: 1.5kg
  • Payload Cabin Size: 120*150*120mm
  • Longest Flight Range: >80km(600g load)
  • Practical Ceiling Height: 4000m
  • Flight Duraion:80 Min
  • Suggested Flight Speed:65km/h(18m/s)
  • Wind Resistance: 5
  • Take-off and Landing Approach: VTOL
  • Dismounting Way: Tool-free
  • Transport Case Size: 1.23mx0.45mx0.33m
  • CG: Under the raised position of fuselage hook and the wing root plastic(same position)
Makeflyeasy Freeman 4+1 2300mm UAV VTOLMakeflyeasy Freeman 4+1 2300mm UAV VTOLMakeflyeasy Freeman 4+1 2300mm UAV VTOLMakeflyeasy Freeman 4+1 2300mm UAV VTOL