Makeflyeasy HERO 2180mm UAV VTOL

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The Hero VTOL is a multi-purpose vertical take-off and landing fixed wing.The unique design of the UAV nose can be replaced,which can be equipped with an orthophoto camera or a tilt camera when used in the field of surveying and mapping,and can beequipped with an optoelectronic pod in the field of monitoring.The multi-purpose design expands the range of applications and reduces the cost of flight.

  • Wingspan:2180mm
  • Vertical arm:755mm(including motor base)
  • Wing area:53dm²
  • Body height:255mm (including tripod)
  • Cruising speed:17-22m/s
  • Body length:1140mm
  • Aircraft angle of attack: 0-2°
  • Wing Mounting Angle:2.9°
  • Stall airspeed: 12m/s
  • Conversion airspeed:14m/s
  • Maximum climb angle:3.5°
  • Maximum dive angle:5°
  • Maximum roll angle:30°
  • Payload:<1kg
  • Take-off weight:<7kg
  • Take-off altitude:<3000m
  • Ceiling altitude:6500m
  • Wind resistance: level 5 (normal operation)
  • V tail angle:28°up,20°down
  • Disassembly method: quick disassembly with-
  • Working temperature:-10 ℃-50 ℃
  • out tools
  • Packing box size:1100*350*430mm
  • Aileron Rotation: Up 22°Down 28°
  • Take-off and landing method: vertical take-off and landing
  • Material: EPO,carbon fiber, aviation aluminum alloy, engineering plastic, etc.

  • Mapping endurance:136min/144km(speed 19m/s,load 600g,Battery 6S@22000mah, take-off weight 6.65kg)
  • Monitoring endurance: 125min/126km(speed 18m/s,load 450g,Battery 6S@22000mah, take-off weight 6.5kg)

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