MyFlyDream MFD Rlink V2 433MHZ

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The sbus Conversion module for MFDLink can transfer the SBus signal output by the RC receiver to the EXT port of the MFDLink transmitter for transmission. In addition, the module also has SBus decoding function, which can interpret the SBus signal as 16-channel PWM signal output (the corresponding PWM output pin is not welded by default), and it can also be used on the aircraft to convert the sbus signal to obtain multiple PWM signals


Brand Name: MyFlyDream

Item Name: Rlink V2 UHF TX AND RX COMBO

Transmitter Specifications:

Working Frequency: UHF

Dimension: 73x 65x15mm

Weight: 64g

Power: 400mw/800mw switchable

Operating Voltage: 7-16V

Current: 180mA@12V low energy mode; 360mA@12 V, high power mode

Receiver Specifications:

Standard 8CH channel, can be extended to 16ch

Dimension: 45x30x6mm

Weight: 16g

Working Voltage: 4-6 V

Current Work: 75mA@5V



- High sensitivity, up to-115dbm.

- 16Bit ID, RAFHSS algorithm.

- Support almost all 2-18CH transmitter only if there is trainer port.

- Two switchable power mode: 400 mW / 800 mW, Built-in buzzer, suggest the use of high power mode only under out of situ control

- Support port sending a protection setting button.

- Head tracker support, plug and play.

- Independent 2-way PPM input, 2 synchro transmitter input support.

- Supports the conventional usage of one transmitter and multiple receivers and the usage of multiple transmitters to control the same receiver for long-distance air-relay control.

- 410M frequency-510 MHz adjustable.

- Built-in transmitter / receiver Micro USB port.

- EXT port transmitter used for expansion function, built-in support Futab Sbus and Spektrum / JR satellite protocol port, support external rock control, 2-way bidirectional communication, external BLT connection.

- Abundant prompt sounds, including low voltage alarm, PPM input error, power switch, out of control protection settings, binding, etc.

- Customized black brushed shell, excellent shielding and heat dissipation, extremely light weight (64g).

- Dual antenna diversity reception, high-speed antenna switching.

- Separate PPM output port can be connected to a flight controller that supports PPM input in a single line.

- Receiver output analog RSSI level (0-3.3v, buffered), can be configured to be based on digital RSSI and packet loss rate.

- Built-in single canbus interface with unlimited communication and expansion capabilities

- Customized transmitter and receiver antennas, standing wave ratio lower than 1.3, to ensure the best performance.

- Abundant compatible receivers are available to ensure that different purposes can be met.

- Tested transmitter included: Futab, Spektrum / JR, Turnigy / Flysky / Imax 9X2, frsky Tarinis, WLFY, Walkera, etc.

Package Included:

1x 16CH V2 433 Mhz Rlink UHF Transmitter

1x TX Antena

1x MFDlink/Receiver RLink

2x Receiver Antenna

1x Signal Conversion Module

3x Cable