Skyalong Glass fiber 2900mm Great White UAV Fixed Wing

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Wingspan: 2900mm
Length: 1875mm
wing area: 103.8dm2
Power: Electric or 60cc gasoline engine
Takeoff weight: 25kg
Maximum speed: 120km/hr
Stall speed: 60km/hr
C.G: Backwards 120mm from wing front edge

Packaging:142*50*53cm 13.45KG

Electric power parameters:
Motor type: DualSky GA6000.8
Weight: 1090g
KV: 180RPM/V
Maximum power: 6800W
Cruise power: 3500W
Rated voltage: 30-51V ¡¾10-12 Lithium battery
Maximum operating current: 140A
No-load current: 2.3A
Propeller: 23*10
Pull: 17kg

Recommended servos: Savox 1256 x 6

Product Details:

KIT:Skyalong Glass fiber 2900mm KIT x1


There are two packages:

126*36*51cm weight: 9.8KG

126*36*37cm Weight :6.3KG


Production cycle: 7-15 working days (ask customer service about production schedule before ordering)
This product is not flightable and does not provide any technical support. If you need this service, it is recommended to find a UAV service training company to provide technical support for assembly and flight.
Prices and freight are for reference only, before purchasing this model, customize the product, no stock, orders need to wait for production time.