Skywalker 1830mm UAV Fixed Wing

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SkyWalker 1830mm 2015 T-Tail FixWing FPV Plane Remote Control Electric Glider Airplane RC Model

Item name:2015 skywalker
Wing span:1830mm             
Fuselage length:1270mm             
Wing area:41.06dm^2        
Flying weight:2500-3000g       
C.G:90-100mm behind the leading edge      
Takeoff :Hand cast, catapult shots                            
Landing:Glide down, parachute landing                
Air speed:40km/h              
Maximum of flying time:60-120min                         
Maximum of flight level:5000m


With the air layer plate structure, plane cabin adopts improves the strength of fuselage but minus the weight. The inner carbon with three layers, convenient to mount the equipment.
High maneuverability with quick detach structure, easy to detach and carry.
The wing includes 4 carbon strips and one 12mm carbon tube, 1830mm wingspan.
Logical position arrangments avoids the interference with each other and good for matching cooling. The fuselage with reserved position for GPS, TX / RX and camera.
With the resonable design, reserved space in the nose for brushless 3-axis gimbal mounting. With built in air aluminum alloy landing gear, you will no worry about the landing issues.
The plane tail adopts 3K tube to connect the fuselage. Light weight (53g) and durable (winded by fiber cloth).
Quick mounting clip for Horizontal tail and vertical makes it faster. Composited by independent part for easy to detach and mount.
As out test, the plane can be mounted with SONY RX1!
Support the catapult launch.

Recommended Parts (not included):
Motor: 2820KV850 - 900
ESC: 40A - 60A
Servo: 12g x 4pcs
Prop: 12 - 13 inches
Battery: 14.8V 5500mah
Radio: 4CH

Package include:

New 2015 Skywalker 1830 frame kit x1