Skywalker 1900mm UAV Fixed Wing

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This is the latest 1900 FPV Glider from Skywalker Technology.

The Skywalker 1900 is specially designed for FPV systems. The glider is constructed from durable EPO foam, making it relatively crash safe. Simple to build and with a massive amount of internal equipment space, the 1900 is a favourite among FPV'ers. It is a relatively light weight airframe for its size and has excellent practical design features throughout; such as: T-tail design, external FPV transmitter platform, wing to fuselage locating lugs that ensure alignment, carbon fuselage & wing spars to add rigidity where it's needed.

In addition to being a great FPV platform, the Skywalker 1900 is a excellent beginners model due to the high set wings in a glider configuration. The flight stability needed for FPV is the same beginners need when learning to fly.

The airframe is supplied as a kit only, allowing you to fit it out with the equipment of your choice. It will require several evenings of work to complete.

Wingspan: 1900mm 
Length: 1300mm
Wing Area: 46.28dm2
Cabin Size: 120mm x 370mm x 72mm
Flying Weight: 1300g ~ 1800g
Frame Weight: 1050g


KIT package include:

Skywalker 1900 frame kit x1


PNP package include:

Skywalker 1900 frame kit x1

2820 850KV Motor x1
12*6 Propeller x1
45A Brushless Speed Control x1
9g Servos x4