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3% discount code: UAVMODEL
3% discount code: UAVMODEL
3% discount code: UAVMODEL

NEW Product 2022-10-24

The Hero VTOL is a multi-purpose vertical take-off and landing fixed wing.The unique design of the UAV nose can be replaced,which can be equipped with an orthophoto camera or a tilt camera when used in the field of surveying and mapping,and can beequipped with an optoelectronic pod in the field of monitoring.The multi-purpose design expands the range of applications and reduces the cost of flight.

Makeflyeasy HERO 2180mm UAV VTOL

The event will run from October 24 to October 31, with new products on shelves and special logistics

Vertical arm:755mm(including motor base)
Wing area:53dm²
Body height:255mm (including tripod)
Cruising speed:17-22m/s
Body length:1140mm
Aircraft angle of attack: 0-2°
Wing Mounting Angle:2.9°
Stall airspeed: 12m/s
Conversion airspeed:14m/s
Maximum climb angle:3.5°
Maximum dive angle:5°
Maximum roll angle:30°
Take-off weight:<7kg
Take-off altitude:<3000m
Ceiling altitude:6500m
Wind resistance: level 5 (normal operation)
V tail angle:28°up,20°down
Disassembly method: quick disassembly with-
Working temperature:-10 ℃-50 ℃
out tools
Packing box size:1100*350*430mm
Aileron Rotation: Up 22°Down 28°
Take-off and landing method: vertical take-off and landing
Material: EPO,carbon fiber, aviation aluminum alloy, engineering plastic, etc.

Mapping endurance:136min/144km(speed 19m/s,load 600g,Battery 6S@22000mah, take-off weight 6.65kg)
Monitoring endurance: 125min/126km(speed 18m/s,load 450g,Battery 6S@22000mah, take-off weight 6.5kg)


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