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TYPE: PNP (Motor) Unassembled

Skyeye SV360 is capable of carrying a payload of 8kg, making it particularly suitable for missions requiring heavy instrumentation for aerial mapping, geological exploration, or environmental monitoring. Its long wingspan and optimized wing area design provide excellent flight stability and efficiency, capable of operating stably across various climatic conditions.

Ideal for long-duration surveillance, rescue missions, scientific data collection, and other scenarios requiring extended flight time and significant payload capacity. Its unique fuel system and structural design make it an excellent choice for executing demanding tasks.

Product specification
- Wingspan :3600 mm
- Length :2450mm
- Wing area :132 square meters

Weight correlation
- With a maximum takeoff weight of up to 55 kg, it demonstrates its strong load capacity and the ability to carry rich and sophisticated equipment into the mission.
With an empty weight of only 12KG, this lightweight design minimizes its own weight while maintaining structural strength, thus significantly improving flight efficiency and endurance.

Flight performance
- Flight time of up to 3-5 hours, this excellent endurance performance allows it to continue operation without frequent return to recharge, greatly improving the consistency and efficiency of mission execution.
- With a top speed of 150 km/h, it can reach the target area quickly, buying valuable time for urgent tasks.
- The stall speed is controlled between 20-24m/s, which sets up a reliable defense line for flight safety and gives the operator more peace of mind.

Payload and fuel tank
- The payload is between 8-10 kg, which is enough to carry a variety of professional mapping, exploration or search and rescue equipment to provide strong support for the successful completion of the mission.
- Equipped with a 12-liter large-capacity fuel tank, it provides sufficient energy for long flights, ensuring that the drone can fly farther and longer.

Payload bay
With dimensions of 680*260*270, the spacious interior provides a comfortable "home" for critical equipment, while also facilitating installation and maintenance of equipment.

Power system:
- DLE 60cc engine continuously outputs surging power, providing solid power support for flight.
- The starter uses the DLE onboard starter +100A switch to ensure a fast and stable start process, making every takeoff easy and reliable.

Multi-rotor section:
- T-motor V807 170V 12S is selected for its stable and efficient performance to provide powerful and precise power for the multi-rotor section. With excellent power output and low energy consumption, the motor is able to maintain stable operation in complex flight environments.
- Electric modulation using T-motor180A ESC, which can precisely control the motor speed, to achieve flexible flight attitude control. Its advanced electronic speed regulation technology ensures the efficient operation and accurate response of the motor, providing a key guarantee for the stable flight of the UAV.

Steering gear configuration:
- Savox SC-1256TG x 5
- Savox SC-1251MG x 2

The application of the Savox series of high-quality steering gear ensures the precision and sensitivity of flight control, enabling the UAV to turn flexibly in complex environments and accurately execute various commands

- The fixed wing section is equipped with 23x9 propellers to provide steady thrust.
- The multi-rotor section uses two pairs of T-motor G29 "propellers to provide balanced and efficient power support for multi-rotor flight.

Whether in vast terrain mapping sites, deep forest exploration areas, or in intense large-scale search and rescue missions, the Skyeye SV360 can be trusted with its excellent performance, reliable configuration and excellent adaptability to protect your work and mission.

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TYPE: PNP (Motor) Unassembled

Product information


- Wingspan: 3600
- mmLength: 2450 mm
- Wing Area: 132 dm2
- Maximum Take-Off Weight: 55 KG
- Empty Weight: 12KG
- Flight Time: 3-5h
- Maxium Speed: 150km/h
- Stall Speed: 20-24 m/s
- Payload Capacity: 8-10 KG
- Fuel Tank: 12 L
- Payload Bay: 680*260*270

Motor PNP version

- Dualsky GA6000.8 180RPM/V Brushless Motor x 1
- Dualsky XC13036HV 130A High Voltage ESC x 1
- T-motor V807 170V (VTOL Motors) x 4
- T-motor 180A ESC x 4
- Savox SC-1256TG x 5
- Savox SC-1251MG x 2
- Sail 23x9 High Power Propeller x 1
- T-motor G29″ Propeller (Pairs) x 2
- PairsMT90 UAV Pitot Tube x 1
- Nav. LED lights x 1
- Skyeye SV360 VTOL Kit x 1

Engine PNP version

- DLE60 Engine x 1
- DLE on board starter+100A Switch x 1
- T-motor V807 170V (VTOL Motors) x 4 12s
- T-motor 180A ESC x 4
- Savox SC-1256TG x 5
- Savox SC-1251MG x 2
- Sail 23x9 High Power Propeller x 1
- T-motor G29″ Propeller (Pairs) x 2
- PairsMT90 UAV Pitot Tube x 1
- Nav. LED lights x 1
- Skyeye SV360 VTOL Kit x 1


Motor PNP version:
- Dualsky GA6000.8 180RPM/V Brushless Motor x 1
- Dualsky XC13036HV 130A High Voltage ESC x 1
- T-motor V807 170V (VTOL Motors) x 4
- T-motor 180A ESC x 4
- Savox SC-1256TG x 5
- Savox SC-1251MG x 2
- Sail 23x9 High Power Propeller x 1
- T-motor G29″ Propeller (Pairs) x 2
- PairsMT90 UAV Pitot Tube x 1
- Nav. LED lights x 1
- Skyeye SV360 VTOL Kit x 1


Production cycle: 7-15 working days (ask customer service about production schedule before ordering)

Prices and freight are for reference only, before purchasing this model, customize the product, no stock, orders need to wait for production time.

Adopt brand introduction


T-motor V807 170V 12S motor and G29 "propeller used in this product provide reliable power support for the flight of UAVS with its excellent performance and quality.

T-MOTOR is a world-renowned brand of UAV power systems. Since its inception in 2009, the brand has always put quality as the first goal, creating a pioneer in UAV power system solutions.
T-MOTOR has an experienced, unique vision, confident and dedicated professional and innovative team, its research and development team has many years of experience in design and test flight, the use of innovative technology, committed to the development of high-quality products. At present, it has a number of series, and has obtained a number of design patents and certifications.
Its products are used in film and television, agriculture, surveying and mapping, logistics and transportation, manned aviation, emergency rescue, fire, power energy, pipeline patrol and other fields, with more than 300 dealers in the world, to help global UAV enterprises achieve the beauty of the world's science and technology, has become a global UAV power system professional brand.


DLE engine features include: unique structural design makes it with light weight, long life, high horsepower, low vibration characteristics. For example, its 1.4T EA211-DLE engine uses Ningbo Baugh Warner turbine, which has better response speed, power density and improved engine performance compared to other engine turbines, so that the maximum power speed of 1.4T EA211 is changed from 5000rpm to 5000±200rpm. Maximum torque speed changed from 1750-3000rpm to (1750-3000) ±200rpm. And the DLE system is ready for the latest engine trends such as Miller, flex-fuel, etc.

DLE is a brand of Maitreya Haoxiang Technology Co., LTD., which was founded in 2007, focusing on the development, production and sales of model aircraft engines.
DLE engine is the world's famous model engine brand, and the only engine designed and manufactured in China for international competitions. With excellent performance, its products have been widely praised by users at home and abroad. The engine sold in more than 30 countries around the world, and in the United States and other countries for trademark registration, and set up a dealer, has become an international well-known brand in the industry.

About more - DLE

Savox SC-1256TG and Savox SC-1251MG servos used in this product, with their excellent quality and performance, provide precision and sensitivity guarantee for the flight control of UAVs, enabling UAVs to flexibly turn in complex environments and accurately execute various commands.
Hongji Precision Co., Ltd. is the applicant for the Savox brand. The brand's steering gear is widely used in recreational sports technology toys such as remote control model cars, helicopters, aircraft, boats and robots, and plays an important role as a steering controller.

Savox is a well-known steering gear brand from Taiwan, China. Savox is renowned for its high quality and excellent performance in the field of remote control models.
Savox has an extensive product line covering a wide range of different specifications and types of steering gear to meet the needs of different models. Its steering gear has the following characteristics:
High precision: Provides precise control to ensure that the model's actions are accurate.
High torque: With strong torque output, can cope with a variety of load conditions.
Fast response: The response speed is fast, so that the model can quickly make corresponding actions.
Good stability: It can maintain stable performance during long-term use.

About more - Savox

SkyeyeUAV is a brand that specializes in drone products. The brand's drones have a variety of features and advantages to meet the needs of different applications.
For example, the Skyeye S600 is one of its fixed-wing drones. Its features include: overall lightweight design, modular system, easy assembly. With a long range and intelligent payload capacity, it lowers the threshold of aerial survey, further liberates productivity and improves the efficiency of aerial survey. The drone has a wingspan of 6,000 mm, a captain of 3,500 mm, a maximum takeoff weight of 110 kg and a payload of 20 to 30 kg. It is capable of stable operation in a variety of climatic conditions and is suitable for long-term surveillance, rescue missions, scientific data collection and other scenarios requiring long flights and large payload capacity, such as aerial mapping, geological exploration, environmental monitoring, etc.
The Skyeye series of UAVs typically have excellent flight stability and efficiency, and their unique fuel system and structural design enable them to perform a variety of challenging missions with excellence. However, the specific product features of the brand may vary from model to model.

About more - skyeyeuav
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